Un patrimonio consegnato alla memoria.
L’eredità di Bellini nel primo allestimento del Museo civico belliniano

Maria Rosa De Luca


In light of the transcription of the Inventaire après décès de Vincenzo Bellini published in the present issue of this journal, the article analyses and focuses on the reception of Bellini’s legacy in the course of the first setting-up of the Museo civico belliniano. The musician’s personal belongings found in his home in Puteaux represent the main part of the inheritance that the composer’s family came into possession of through the mediation of Gioachino Rossini. Most of this material was sold at auction to obtain liquidity and consequently divided among a large number of buyers. Only a small remnant of it (the smaller objects) arrived to Catania, along with the auction proceeds, some correspondence, a number of musical autographs and documentation relating to the post-mortem paperwork.
The musician’s family jealously guarded this bequest, albeit with a few exceptions, and handed it down for several generations until the fate of this patrimony became intertwined with that of the ransom of Bellini’s birthplace (in 1923) and the consequent establishment of the Museo civico belliniano (in 1930).


Eredità Bellini – casa natale – museo civico belliniano

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DOI: 10.17422/ISSN.2283-8716/1052