Vincenzo Bellini, La Straniera, a cura di Marco Uvietta, Milano, Ricordi, 2019

Damien Colas Gallet


The review highlights the most important results of the critical edition of La straniera (Ricordi, 2019), signed by composer and musicologist Marco Uvietta. Colas focuses on the main aspects of Uvietta’s work: the investigation into the sources, which allows the researcher to reconstruct the genesis of the opera; the identification of changes made to the score for the performance at La Scala in 1830, a year after the première in the same theater; the description of the discrepancies between the two versions, mainly represented by “puntature” in the high register made to enhance the vocal qualities of Giovanni Battista Rubini, who played the role of Arturo in the 1830 performance.

Sources – Rubini – puntature

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DOI: 10.17422/ISSN.2283-8716/1055