Memoria della morte di Vincenzo Bellini nella poesia napoletana dell’Ottocento

Alessandro Cannavacciuolo


A critical survey on the poem Per la morte di Vincenzo Bellini by Maria Giuseppa Guacci has revealed the existence of other compositions about the same topic by Francesco Ricciardi, Irene Ricciardi, Emidio Cappelli, Giuseppe Ruffo and Felice Bisazza, all well known by Guacci. By the analysis of these poetic texts emerges the presence of common topics and expressions that suggest a close relationship among the poets of the Neapolitan context: all the texts were published during the period 1835-1836; moreover, all the poets attended the memorial day celebrated at the San Pietro a Majella Conservatory on December 8th, 1835. Even if not Neapolitan (he was born in Messina), Felice Bisazza lived for a year in Naples and took part in the moving composer’s memorial service. The poems, different in meter and style, deal with patriotic and liberal topics of the first half of the century, recalling the composer’s biographical events and celebrating the inspirations and values of his music.


Maria Giuseppa Guacci – Francesco Ricciardi – Irene Ricciardi – Emidio Cappelli – Giuseppe Ruffo – Felice Bisazza – Vincenzo Bellini’s obituaries – Bellini’s memorial day – Naples – Neapolitan poetic circles

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DOI: 10.17422/ISSN.2283-8716/1027