Le due versioni di un Tantum ergo giovanile di Vincenzo Bellini

Daniele Cannavò


In 1828, Francis I of Bourbon established a censorship commission in order to examine composers’ works of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, conceived to be performed in the church. Indeed, the manuscript of a sacred Bellini’s work that had previously been copied by his family is found among the surviving scores endorsed by the commission. On the one hand, this copy of Bellini’s Tantum ergo can be regarded as a testimony of Bellini’s compositions reception in Catania between 1819 and 1828, as well as the result of the interaction of the younger Vincenzo with his paternal grandfather, who guided him in his early musical training. On the other hand, some other unpublished musical manuscripts testify how this composition was reworked by the composer himself, probably during the years of the studies he carried out in Naples. All this gave life to a new version of this work, which until now had remained essentially unknown.

Tantum ergo – Bellini’s early works – Sacred works – Vincenzo Tobia Bellini – Kingdom of the Two Sicilies’ censorship

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DOI: 10.17422/ISSN.2283-8716/1059