Le ambizioni di un contemporaneo di Bellini. Francesco Stabile (1804-1860)

Federica Marsico


The essay aims to shed light on the biography of Francesco Stabile (Miglionico, Matera, 1804 – Potenza 1860) and his compositions. During the research, some sources of great importance have been consulted, including his birth (Parish Archive of Santa Maria Maggiore church, Miglionico) and death certificates (Archive of the Municipal register, Potenza), his musical autographs (National Library, Potenza; Library of the Conservatory, Neaples), the composer’s and his nephew’s letters to Francesco Florimo (Library of the Conservatory, Neaples). The biographical study begins from Stabile’s education at the Real Collegio di San Sebastiano in Neaples. His debut as opera composer in Neaples is then described, focusing on the representation of Palmira, melodrama in two acts based on a libretto by Felice Romani (Teatro di San Carlo, 3 January 1836).
Finally, the study deals with Stabile’s retirement to Potenza, where he devoted himself to teaching music at the Real Collegio di Basilicata and he worked as kapellmeister at Santa Maria del Sepolcro church. In the last part, Stabile’s musical autographs are described, identified and dated, as far as possible.


Francesco Stabile – Biographical documents – Musical autographs – Palmira – Sacred music

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DOI: 10.17422/ISSN.2283-8716/1037