L’Album-Bellini (1886): l’epidittica postunitaria tra uso e riuso

Gabriella Alfieri


This paper proposes a linguistical, stylistic and pragmatic analysis of the Album-Bellini
(1886), created by Francesco Florimo to found Bellini’s myth in the process of nation building of
post-unification Italy. The epideictic discourse moves between common language and ritual style: the fragments
of prose and poetry that make up the Album make of it a mixed text, in which genres and styles hybridize and
balance each other, in an architecture that responds to specific functions and communication purposes. The
analysis, based on rhetoric and text linguistics, helps to explain the cultural and communicative meaning of the
Album and to enrich the overview of post-unification Italian, in which the pressure of oral language interacted
with oratorical speech.


Album-Bellini – Francesco Florimo – Rhetoric and linguistic analysis – Italian process of nation building – Literary tributes

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DOI: 10.17422/ISSN.2283-8716/1035