Between Poetry and Politics. Reconnecting the Lives of Carlo Pepoli

Axel Körner


Carlo Pepoli is known to opera scholars as the author of Vincenzo Bellini’s I Puritani. Despite frequent political readings of the libretto, Pepoli’s role during the revolutions of 1831 and 1848, as well as his political contribution after Italy’s unification, is usually ignored. His understanding of Italian politics, including his federalism, was deeply marked by local developments in the Romagna, as well as by his experience of exile and his numerous transnational exchanges with political and cultural activists in Britain. As a consequence, his views of the Risorgimento differed from those of many other protagonists of the movement. His career as poet and writer of libretti went clearly beyond his authorship of I Puritani.


Carlo Pepoli – Vincenzo Bellini – Puritani – Risorgimento

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DOI: 10.17422/ISSN.2283-8716/1050