Bellini a Venezia. Indizi e storie a margine di un valzer inedito

Carlida Steffan


In March 1833, while staying in Venice for the rehearsals of Beatrice di Tenda, Bellini composed a short waltz (33 bars) dedicated to Raimondina Thurn, a fourteen-year old music lover and amateur pianist. She was the daughter of Count Johann Baptist Thurn-Hofer und Valsassina, «delegato provinciale» (i.e. Prefect) of the Austrian Government, a role that implied direct involvement in the management of the Teatro la Fenice.
The discovery of Bellini’s autograph (now in Trento, Archivio provinciale) has prompted new investigations about the network of social and cultural relations developed by Bellini in Venice during his visits for the first performances of I Capuleti e i Montecchi (1830) and Beatrice di Tenda.


Valz in A Major – Raimondina Thurn – Johann Baptist Thurn-Hofer und Valsassina – Venice – March 1833 – Natale Schiavoni

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DOI: 10.17422/ISSN.2283-8716/1012