ALICE TAVILLA, ‘Il barone di Dolsheim’ di Felice Romani e Giovanni Pacini. Fortuna e tradizione testuale (1818-1840)

Gloria Staffieri


Based on a French novel adapted in a mélo in 1811, the libretto of Il barone di Dolsheim is the first step of an analysis of Pacini’s score, considered with a special attention to the philology of structures, built after the structuralism and the theory of reception. The study of variants between text and music suggests to the author a taxonomy of three cases (persistent, ephemeral and intermittent ones), which is worth of note for the Aria «Era notte scura, scura», written by Valentino Fioravanti in 1817 and included in Il barone two years later.


Il barone di Dolsheim – Giovanni Pacini – Felice Romani – Philology of structures – Theory of reception – Valentino Fioravanti

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DOI: 10.17422/ISSN.2283-8716/1048