A Tribute to Gilbert Duprez, 2017 • Il bravo. Belcanto Arias for Antonio Tamburini, 2019

Andrea Malnati


This review is focused on two CD recordings: A tribute to Gilbert Duprez and Il bravo. Belcanto arias for Antonio Tamburini. In the first one John Osborn sings nine pieces drawn from the renowned tenor Gilbert Duprez’s repertoire, performed between 1829 and 1847; in the second one Vittorio Prato revives arias composed from 1824 to 1843 for the barytone Antonio Tamburini.
This review investigates the performances as a whole, focusing on the struggle of these two contemporary singers struggling with a quite rare (and sometimes very demanding) repertoire. The article deals also with the information included in the CD’s booklets, unfortunately not always so accurate and complete (especially in A tribute to Gilbert Duprez).
Finally, the last part of the review is dedicated to a philological discussion about the recitativo and cavatina «Montalban! che vedesti? In questo luogo … Nel periglioso istante» included in Il bravo, debating a problem of attribution: this piece proves itself inexactly attributed to Generali’s Chiara di Rosemberg.

Duprez – Tamburini – opera – tecnica vocale – Generali

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DOI: 10.17422/ISSN.2283-8716/1056