Prospettive per l’edizione critica dei carteggi belliniani

Graziella Seminara


The project of a new edition of Vincenzo Bellini’s correspondence has been launched after a critical overview on preliminary editions: starting from the fist ones, published during the 19th century, through the Epistolario edited by Luisa Cambi in 1943, till the latest versions, frequently supported by new evidences coming from antiquarian dealers. Founded on recent studies on correspondences and on musicological researches on this subject, the project aims now to establish a complete edition of Vincenzo Bellini’s correspondence, including not only the composer’s letters, but also those of his correspondents.
In this paper editorial guidelines for the new critical edition are discussed, focusing on Bellini’s peculiar writing and its relationships with 19th-century epistolary structure grammar. Moreover, this correspondence will be a new important source in order to discover Bellini’s human and artistic career and his creative process.


Correspondence – critical edition – editorial guidelines

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DOI: 10.17422/ISSN.2283-8716/1004