I Carteggi di Bellini. Nuove acquisizioni

Graziella Seminara


The paper represents the first integration to the new critical edition of Vincenzo Bellini’s correspondence, published by Olschki in 2017. In particular, it presents the transcript of five unpublished letters written by the composer, recently surfaced in the auction market. Two of them were sent to addressees, not yet included in Bellini’s correspondence: Giovanni Paternò Castello, probably a member of the Carcaci branch, to which belonged his brother Francesco, an amateur musician and a privileged recipient of Bellini’s messages (letter dated April 12th, 1831); and the baron Denois, French consul in Milan (letter dated August 20th, 1832). The other missives provide information on negotiations with Alessandro Lanari about Beatrice di Tenda’s composition (letter dated May 3rd, 1832), on the sale of a bootleg copy of Norma’s score to the Theater in der Josefstadt in Wien (letter to Giovanni Ricordi, dated February 16th, 1833); and on an economic controversy between Bellini and Pierre-François Laporte, impresario of the King’s Theatre in London (letter to Giuseppe Denza, dated Septemer 9th, 1834).


Vincenzo Bellini’s correspondence new findings – Transcript of five unpublished letter – Beatrice di Tenda and Alessandro Lanari – Norma and Giovanni Ricordi – Theater in der Josefstadt – Pierre-François Laporte – King’s Theatre, London

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DOI: 10.17422/ISSN.2283-8716/1029